A Jaunt in Hamilton, Ontario – Getting a Tour from an Appliance Repair Technician

In case you’re wondering why I’ve put so much emphasis on Hamilton, ON, CA lately, it’s because I’ve been visiting friends here in January. I have one weekend left to enjoy my stay here and a moment ago I shared my plans for this weekend. Now, though, I want to talk about what I learned about the future of science while getting a tour from a friendly appliance tech around the city.

I had the pleasure of spending a day with Bradley as he drove around in his van doing odd home appliance repair services. I have a checklist of some of the small points I learned specifically about that industry, but I’ll share those in a moment. First I want to chat about one major point I learned about the future of science.

Bradley and I went to the Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology, and there I learned that people have been thinking of the future of science for hundreds of years, ever since the Enlightenment when science became a field of study branching off of what medieval people called natural philosophy.

Above all, I found it most fascinating how inaccurate most predictions of the future would be. I used to have an inkling of what some predictions were from reading “1984” growing up but I never would have thought that well-educated scientists in the early 20th century predicted that human mail delivery would be obsolete because every city would have a system of tubes that delivered mail for us. When discussing this with Bradley, we thought although the prediction is a far cry from reality that it’s a close shot in the dark because, after all, mail delivery is becoming obsolete with the advent of email and texting. So that scientist wasn’t too far off.


My List of Cool Facts I Learned About the Appliance Repair Industry

Bradley works for a fairly new company called Appliance Repair Hamilton but he’s been working in the industry for nearly 20 years, and so has a lot of he coworkers, so it’s an experienced team that was able to teach me a lot. Here’s the list of small points I made:

  1. It’s miraculous how many appliance replacement parts techs are able to fit in their vans.
  2. Repairing appliances requires a profound knowledge of science and technology, but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist like some of them might claim.
  3. Not every domestic appliance tech knows how to repair commercial appliances, which I thought was surprising.
  4. You’d be surprised how often appliances break down.
  5. Being a good appliance tech means you’re familiar with all brands and models, kind of like how a mechanic does the same for vehicles.
  6. And also like cars, new models of appliances come out every year and, despite the complexity of science, appliances are actually getting easier to repair and simpler to understand.

Those were the neat facts I thought were worth sharing. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of them weren’t new to you, and to be honest most of them weren’t new to me but I never fully wrapped my head around them. The best way to understand these 6 points fully is the ask the question “why?” at the end of each of them. For example, why is is miraculous that so many replacement parts can fit into a van? For me it’s miraculous because I’ve seen science labs that were less categorically organized than the inside of Bradley’s van. It was quite impressive, and I hope you found this post impressive or learned something.

Stay tuned for an update on how my weekend went!