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Are Tow Trucks More Impactful On Society Than Appliance Service Vans?

Now this is a question your normal person would never ask. I bet you’re wondering what knowing the answer to this question could possibly do to benefit anyone. I think understanding what impacts our society more no matter what we’re comparing is not just candy for the mind but also interesting to know in case it ever pops up in conversation. Also, answering questions like this can teach us cool things we’d least expect to hear. For example, knowing that a fridge is more impactful than a dishwasher means that you can recommend which one to get if your friend is thinking of upgrading an appliance.

I won’t be reading any scientific articles to ask whether tow trucks or appliance service vans impact society more, not because I doubt anyone has written on this topic before but because I think the answer is rather obvious. Before we get there though let’s analyze all the impact these two vehicles do have on society, starting with the tow truck in all it’s various forms, like flatbed tow trucks and heavy duty tow trucks, etc. And this is not the first time we talked about trucks and appliances together in the same post. If you’d rather get warmed up by reading an earlier post about installing a fridge in a truck, click here. If not, let’s continue!

Here are 6 things both tow trucks and appliance service vans do to impact our society. Then, we’ll enjoy our conclusion.

How Do Tow Trucks Impact Our Society?

  1. They get people off the road in dangerous situations.
  2. They make parking law enforcement possible.
  3. They offer emergency roadside assistance.
  4. They can tow cars out of ditches.
  5. They pollute the environment more than smaller trucks or typical cars.
  6. They create competition and strengthen the economy of every city.

How Do Appliance Service Vans Impact Our Society?

work van
  1. They make home service appliance repair possible.
  2. They transport appliance replacement parts.
  3. They get appliance mechanics too and from work.
  4. They make getting appliance repair services faster.
  5. They pollute the environment more than typical cars.
  6. They, like tow trucks, create competition and strengthen the economy of every city.

Conclusion: What’s More Impacting?

tow truck

Everything has an impact on civilization, even hot dog stands and flower beds. Nothing is so insignificant that it does not affect society in one shape or form. As we’ve seen with the lists of 6 things above, tow trucks and appliance work vans have a great impact on our lives than many might expect.

My conclusion, and you can feel free to disagree, is that tow trucks have a slightly greater impact on our society than appliance work vans do. In fact, I think tow trucks as emergency vehicles are one of the top 10 most impactful vehicles of all time. Unlike any work van, a tow truck is a necessity. If you needed a fridge repair and appliance service vans didn’t exist, you could still get your fridge repaired by either taking it to a shop or having the appliance mechanic take a taxi or a bus to your place. That’s not an ideal world, but if tow trucks didn’t exist our world would be even less ideal. This is because if you crashed into a ditch on the side of the road and needed to get hauled out, you would have to get a friend with a hitch to do it. And certain versions of tow trucks like flatbed trucks are so specific in their function that we could no longer do these specific task without them. While appliance repair services will always be possible even if vehicles themselves no longer existed and we were still using horses, the story is different for emergency vehicles of any kind. For example, if you’re looking for the most affordable tow truck hamilton can provide because you’re stuck on the roadside, you might as well start walking because there would be no towing companies to help you.

I hope this conclusion makes sense to you, and now you might understand why it’s important to answer these kinds of questions that people usually wouldn’t think of asking. From answering this question, we get to see just how important emergency vehicles are for our society and why we shouldn’t take them for granted. Clearly, both kinds of automobile are important and we should be grateful for them both, but now we know which one is more effective at changing how our society behaves and that’s a fun fact to know.

Expect more interesting content in the near future. This is our future we’re talking about, so it’s best to talk about it now…