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Back To TAlking Tow Trucks, with a Special Guest from Red Deer Towing Company

What will towing and tow trucks look like in the future? 200 years from now? 300 years from now? Let’s talk to a towing expert to find out.

To get started, go watch the Fifth Element with Bruce Willis because there are flying cars and you can imagine what a tow truck in this kind of city would act like, but we’ll be talking more about reality from now on, not science fiction.

To make it easier, here is a police chase scene from the Fifth Element.

We talked about towing in society before. If you want to go back to that post before continuing this one, click here.

Now back to reality, I think it’s wholly possible that in less than 50 years, when most cars are self-driving, tow trucks might be self-driving too or at least supervised by radio control at a command center. Tow truck company offices are usually where the dispatchers work on the phones, but in 100 years even the call takers might be robots, too. Whenever you need a tire change or roadside assistance of any kind today, you have to call a phone number. For example, the phone number of Red Deer Towing Company is +1(403)907-1136, but the future will be different.

Now our special guest from that company, after we talked about this for a while over email, said that even having to call a towing company phone number in 50 years will be unneeded. In the future, when you need road service, we’ll just have to think about needing a tow truck (perhaps with Elon’s Neural Link) and one will be there before we turn around. To quote, he also said, “Besides, cars in the future will be so reliable, barely ever breaking down, that the car manufacturers themselves will dominate the towing industry as they monopolize the automotive market and urban towing companies will be less needed. This, I hope, will be before my time though, so I can still enjoy my career in Red Deer.”

This insight was surprising, as an expert in the industry can see things us normies can’t. So thank you to our special guest. We hope to have you back soon.

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