Installing a Fridge in the Truck

This isn’t a how-to article but just a cool story I want to share about how a good friend got a fridge installed in his truck. After hearing this story, you might want to get a fridge installed in your automobile too. But in case you do want to learn how to install a fridge in your truck I found this video that might be helpful:

My friend’s truck ins’t an 18 wheeler like the one above. It’s just a normal truck and he has a mini fridge. I guess after remembering my ride in a limousine a few summers ago having a fridge in a car isn’t a big deal, but you might not expect to see one in a normal pick up truck so I thought it was cool. Of course he doesn’t keep beers in there because that would be too tempting for drinking and driving but he does keep his lunch, some juice and extra cream for his coffees just in case he needs it.

It was cool when he asked me if I was hungry and pulled out an egg salad sandwich. I’ll never forget that. I wish I got a photo or two of it to show you. It fits really well between the seats and doesn’t take up too much room. So now if you want to you know you can do it. He hooked the power from his battery up to it, but the only thing is he has to plug it in when he parks it for more than 12 hours. He’s always driving so that isn’t a problem for him though.

I hope you found this cool and will see you again next time! For another cool read check out this post about using a drone to get groceries!