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Using a Drone to Go to the Grocery Store

Before I get started I want to stress that this is fantasy! I don’t know if anyone actually flies drones into grocery stores to grab the items they need for dinner but I just want to talk about how awesome that would be.

This could be a reality in the future. Electronics and appliances are evolving fast, after all. Having a drone with a camera, a robotic arm and a way to tap your debit card at the clerk is all you need to fly your drone to the closest grocery store and pick up those onions you need to cook dinner tonight!

Of course, simply getting drone delivery might be more efficient but that would take all the fun out. In real life people might freak out of they see a drone flying around in the aisles of a grocery store, but let them! People like me need excuses to fly drones and this is a great one!

Would you pick up groceries with a drone if you could? Or would you rather stick to the old fashioned way of doing things and drive there yourself. Answering this question might teach you a lot about yourself!

If you’re wondering who I am and how I could think of such a crazy drone idea, click here to read my bio.

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Welcome to the Blog About the Future of Appliance Repair Services

It’s amazing to be an appliance repairman in the this changing age of technology and science. Here at Our Future Now we take the potential of our future and talk about it now. Other careers like trucking and auto detailing are changing too and it’s natural for us in this market to worry and be prepared for how our careers as technicians will last for decades to come. As robots get smarter will our jobs disappear, just like all the other industries?

As drones and robots built by scientists find new ways to build home appliances and repair them, we might find ourselves in a future where humans are no longer needed in the market of keeping your kitchen fridge or your basement washing machine in tip top shape.

Then again, we might also find ourselves in a future where robots aren’t able to repair a home appliances quite like a human can and so appliance technicians, their businesses and heirs can look forward to another century or more of need in the world.

Another possibility is that all appliances become extremely disposable and replaceable and it can be not only more economical but environmentally-friendly to have a broken home appliance replaced rather than repaired. Businesses who make a living off repairing broken appliances in cities all around the world should explore all possibilities. If we don’t do it to be ready for what may come then we can choose to do it for mind-candy and entertainment. We might come up with solutions while contemplating these things and I hope you join us here at Our Future Now for a long discussion about what the future of the appliance technician’s career beholds.