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Rapid Technology Expansion Isn’t A Modern Phenonom, It’s Ancient and Medieval

Today I want to briefly and simply argue my point that rapid technology expansion has been around for thousands of years and isn’t just a modern phenomenon. To get started, let me throw an analogy at you. People think technology has only been rapidly expanding for the last 100 years or so but what would they call all the technological expansions that it took for us to get here in the 21st century in the first place? Scientists who don’t study much history can easily look at ancient inventions as one-offs and give no heed to all the undercurrents of historical technology.

Now back to that analogy: If we call something like Tesla’s Cybertruck a huge leap forward in technology, perhaps changing the function of domestic trucks forever, then wasn’t something like the rise of the Burgundian knights in the 15th century just as impactful? In hindsight we might think not, because it happened a long time ago and doesn’t feel as impactful as something that happened recently. But let me assure you that the technology in medieval armor expanded rapidly in the 15th century, and soon was no longer active only 50 years later when the musket took over the battlefield! How is that not rapid technology expansion, even compared to todays phenomena?

That’s a great question, right. To conclude let me also say that 1,000 years from now technology may be expanding at the same rate still, with maybe a slight jolt and dip here and there, but we cannot continue to brush aside ancient technology expansion as less significant than today’s discoveries and changes.

I hope I was able to clear up this misconception for some people. And thanks for reading.

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