What will art 1,000 years in the future look like?

In modern times it’s common to expect the future to be highly advanced and technological, with everything from robots with super AI to flying cars and people living on Mars. All of this, however, so far as we know, remains to be nothing more than science fiction. To give the most plausibly correct answer to the question “what will art in the far, far future look like?” it’s best not to rely on our imagination but rather on well-sourced history.

This is exciting, isn’t it! Welcome to our blog. We can’t wait to explore this question with you so let’s begin…

In the year 500 AD, people might have asked the same question that we’re trying to answer today. Well, they might be very shocked to know that art 1,000 years in the future of 500 AD, (1500 AD) actually not only resembled but imitated the art of 1,500-2,000 years in the past. This, as we know, is called the Renaissance, a time when late medieval artists drew inspiration from the art of their classical ancestors.

So, considering this, should we be surprised if art 1,000 years in the future form the year 2020 AD not only resembles but imitates Victorian art? Maybe art will never change for humankind. Or maybe science fiction will become a reality and art as we know it will be completely replaced with something out of this world. Whatever the case may be, I pray that humankind will never forget the artists who dared to create beauty before our time.

No matter what culture we’re focusing on, whether it be Native American totem poles or Islamic calligraphy, the human foundation of art, because it is settled in the dusts of time and can no longer be touched, will forever remain the same.