robot shower back scrub

Would You Want a Robot to Wash Your Back?

I’m sharing this question because last night I had a scary dream that everything in my bathroom was robotic, even the toilet. It was scary because when I got in the shower a robot started scrubbing my back and I freaked out and jumped out of the shower. I know what my answer would be. I don’t ever want a robot scrubbing my back, let alone a stranger of any kind.

What about you though? Would you be able to tolerate robots scrubbing your back? I admit after a long day it would be nice and I might get used to it but it would take me a while to transition. In my dream the sink talked to me and wished me a good day, saying it chose a lavender scented soap for me because I needed cheering up. Now that is creepy!

But after all we can’t be surprised by technology like this as the future paves the way for robots in our home…

I love asking big questions like this because it makes us think. Want to read more? The other day I asked a very strange question and I hope you enjoy and have a good start the the new year!