A Merry New Year To You All

There are a lot of things to look forward to this year. It’s 2021, the 4th of January, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how technology will develop in the field of computer electronics. AI is on the verge of reshaping society and every new year is a step closer to an amazing and brilliant future.

I want to wish a merry 2021 to all the readers here at Our Future Now. May the rest of your winter and the beginning of the year be good to you. Most importantly let you be good to yourself and to society as a whole. Do the things you want to do.

The future needs us to act.


What will art 1,000 years in the future look like?

In modern times it’s common to expect the future to be highly advanced and technological, with everything from robots with super AI to flying cars and people living on Mars. All of this, however, so far as we know, remains to be nothing more than science fiction. To give the most plausibly correct answer to the question “what will art in the far, far future look like?” it’s best not to rely on our imagination but rather on well-sourced history.

This is exciting, isn’t it! Welcome to our blog. We can’t wait to explore this question with you so let’s begin…

In the year 500 AD, people might have asked the same question that we’re trying to answer today. Well, they might be very shocked to know that art 1,000 years in the future of 500 AD, (1500 AD) actually not only resembled but imitated the art of 1,500-2,000 years in the past. This, as we know, is called the Renaissance, a time when late medieval artists drew inspiration from the art of their classical ancestors.

So, considering this, should we be surprised if art 1,000 years in the future form the year 2020 AD not only resembles but imitates Victorian art? Maybe art will never change for humankind. Or maybe science fiction will become a reality and art as we know it will be completely replaced with something out of this world. Whatever the case may be, I pray that humankind will never forget the artists who dared to create beauty before our time.

No matter what culture we’re focusing on, whether it be Native American totem poles or Islamic calligraphy, the human foundation of art, because it is settled in the dusts of time and can no longer be touched, will forever remain the same.


A Jaunt in Hamilton, Ontario – Getting a Tour from an Appliance Repair Technician

In case you’re wondering why I’ve put so much emphasis on Hamilton, ON, CA lately, it’s because I’ve been visiting friends here in January. I have one weekend left to enjoy my stay here and a moment ago I shared my plans for this weekend. Now, though, I want to talk about what I learned about the future of science while getting a tour from a friendly appliance tech around the city.

I had the pleasure of spending a day with Bradley as he drove around in his van doing odd home appliance repair services. I have a checklist of some of the small points I learned specifically about that industry, but I’ll share those in a moment. First I want to chat about one major point I learned about the future of science.

Bradley and I went to the Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology, and there I learned that people have been thinking of the future of science for hundreds of years, ever since the Enlightenment when science became a field of study branching off of what medieval people called natural philosophy.

Above all, I found it most fascinating how inaccurate most predictions of the future would be. I used to have an inkling of what some predictions were from reading “1984” growing up but I never would have thought that well-educated scientists in the early 20th century predicted that human mail delivery would be obsolete because every city would have a system of tubes that delivered mail for us. When discussing this with Bradley, we thought although the prediction is a far cry from reality that it’s a close shot in the dark because, after all, mail delivery is becoming obsolete with the advent of email and texting. So that scientist wasn’t too far off.


My List of Cool Facts I Learned About the Appliance Repair Industry

Bradley works for a fairly new company called Appliance Repair Hamilton but he’s been working in the industry for nearly 20 years, and so has a lot of he coworkers, so it’s an experienced team that was able to teach me a lot. Here’s the list of small points I made:

  1. It’s miraculous how many appliance replacement parts techs are able to fit in their vans.
  2. Repairing appliances requires a profound knowledge of science and technology, but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist like some of them might claim.
  3. Not every domestic appliance tech knows how to repair commercial appliances, which I thought was surprising.
  4. You’d be surprised how often appliances break down.
  5. Being a good appliance tech means you’re familiar with all brands and models, kind of like how a mechanic does the same for vehicles.
  6. And also like cars, new models of appliances come out every year and, despite the complexity of science, appliances are actually getting easier to repair and simpler to understand.

Those were the neat facts I thought were worth sharing. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of them weren’t new to you, and to be honest most of them weren’t new to me but I never fully wrapped my head around them. The best way to understand these 6 points fully is the ask the question “why?” at the end of each of them. For example, why is is miraculous that so many replacement parts can fit into a van? For me it’s miraculous because I’ve seen science labs that were less categorically organized than the inside of Bradley’s van. It was quite impressive, and I hope you found this post impressive or learned something.

Stay tuned for an update on how my weekend went!

science weekend in hamilton on

Bizarre Plans for the Weekend… Science Time!

Discussing science and the future of technology without being a science and only being an armchair futurist sometimes requires taking science into my own hands. This is why this weekend I have some bizarre plans I’d like to share.

On Saturday, I’ll be volunteering with several first-year computer science university students at the McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada to lend a helping hand and learn more about the latest progress in computer science.

On Sunday, I’ll be volunteering again, albeit this time I’ll be at the Blessings Christian Church in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada to discuss science with a theologian. I plan to ask him how computers and technology fit into the Christian cosmos and am excited to learn as much as I can over the weekend.

Wish me luck!

robot shower back scrub

Would You Want a Robot to Wash Your Back?

I’m sharing this question because last night I had a scary dream that everything in my bathroom was robotic, even the toilet. It was scary because when I got in the shower a robot started scrubbing my back and I freaked out and jumped out of the shower. I know what my answer would be. I don’t ever want a robot scrubbing my back, let alone a stranger of any kind.

What about you though? Would you be able to tolerate robots scrubbing your back? I admit after a long day it would be nice and I might get used to it but it would take me a while to transition. In my dream the sink talked to me and wished me a good day, saying it chose a lavender scented soap for me because I needed cheering up. Now that is creepy!

But after all we can’t be surprised by technology like this as the future paves the way for robots in our home…

I love asking big questions like this because it makes us think. Want to read more? The other day I asked a very strange question and I hope you enjoy and have a good start the the new year!

impact society

Are Tow Trucks More Impactful On Society Than Appliance Service Vans?

Now this is a question your normal person would never ask. I bet you’re wondering what knowing the answer to this question could possibly do to benefit anyone. I think understanding what impacts our society more no matter what we’re comparing is not just candy for the mind but also interesting to know in case it ever pops up in conversation. Also, answering questions like this can teach us cool things we’d least expect to hear. For example, knowing that a fridge is more impactful than a dishwasher means that you can recommend which one to get if your friend is thinking of upgrading an appliance.

I won’t be reading any scientific articles to ask whether tow trucks or appliance service vans impact society more, not because I doubt anyone has written on this topic before but because I think the answer is rather obvious. Before we get there though let’s analyze all the impact these two vehicles do have on society, starting with the tow truck in all it’s various forms, like flatbed tow trucks and heavy duty tow trucks, etc. And this is not the first time we talked about trucks and appliances together in the same post. If you’d rather get warmed up by reading an earlier post about installing a fridge in a truck, click here. If not, let’s continue!

Here are 6 things both tow trucks and appliance service vans do to impact our society. Then, we’ll enjoy our conclusion.

How Do Tow Trucks Impact Our Society?

  1. They get people off the road in dangerous situations.
  2. They make parking law enforcement possible.
  3. They offer emergency roadside assistance.
  4. They can tow cars out of ditches.
  5. They pollute the environment more than smaller trucks or typical cars.
  6. They create competition and strengthen the economy of every city.

How Do Appliance Service Vans Impact Our Society?

work van
  1. They make home service appliance repair possible.
  2. They transport appliance replacement parts.
  3. They get appliance mechanics too and from work.
  4. They make getting appliance repair services faster.
  5. They pollute the environment more than typical cars.
  6. They, like tow trucks, create competition and strengthen the economy of every city.

Conclusion: What’s More Impacting?

tow truck

Everything has an impact on civilization, even hot dog stands and flower beds. Nothing is so insignificant that it does not affect society in one shape or form. As we’ve seen with the lists of 6 things above, tow trucks and appliance work vans have a great impact on our lives than many might expect.

My conclusion, and you can feel free to disagree, is that tow trucks have a slightly greater impact on our society than appliance work vans do. In fact, I think tow trucks as emergency vehicles are one of the top 10 most impactful vehicles of all time. Unlike any work van, a tow truck is a necessity. If you needed a fridge repair and appliance service vans didn’t exist, you could still get your fridge repaired by either taking it to a shop or having the appliance mechanic take a taxi or a bus to your place. That’s not an ideal world, but if tow trucks didn’t exist our world would be even less ideal. This is because if you crashed into a ditch on the side of the road and needed to get hauled out, you would have to get a friend with a hitch to do it. And certain versions of tow trucks like flatbed trucks are so specific in their function that we could no longer do these specific task without them. While appliance repair services will always be possible even if vehicles themselves no longer existed and we were still using horses, the story is different for emergency vehicles of any kind. For example, if you’re looking for the most affordable tow truck hamilton can provide because you’re stuck on the roadside, you might as well start walking because there would be no towing companies to help you.

I hope this conclusion makes sense to you, and now you might understand why it’s important to answer these kinds of questions that people usually wouldn’t think of asking. From answering this question, we get to see just how important emergency vehicles are for our society and why we shouldn’t take them for granted. Clearly, both kinds of automobile are important and we should be grateful for them both, but now we know which one is more effective at changing how our society behaves and that’s a fun fact to know.

Expect more interesting content in the near future. This is our future we’re talking about, so it’s best to talk about it now…

The 5 Most Appliances That Need Repairs

In case you’re wondering, here’s a list of the top 5 appliances that most commonly break down and need repairs. Let’s start! Keep in mind this list comes from personal experience and may not be 100% correct in all cities.

  1. Bosch dishwasher
  2. Samsung fridge
  3. Maytag dryer
  4. Hotpoint freezer
  5. Kenmore washer

I hope this list is useful or informative. I’ve seen so many of these break down and need repairs over the years and so this is my list. Thanks for visiting.

Stay tuned for more on Our Future Now!


Installing a Fridge in the Truck

This isn’t a how-to article but just a cool story I want to share about how a good friend got a fridge installed in his truck. After hearing this story, you might want to get a fridge installed in your automobile too. But in case you do want to learn how to install a fridge in your truck I found this video that might be helpful:

My friend’s truck ins’t an 18 wheeler like the one above. It’s just a normal truck and he has a mini fridge. I guess after remembering my ride in a limousine a few summers ago having a fridge in a car isn’t a big deal, but you might not expect to see one in a normal pick up truck so I thought it was cool. Of course he doesn’t keep beers in there because that would be too tempting for drinking and driving but he does keep his lunch, some juice and extra cream for his coffees just in case he needs it.

It was cool when he asked me if I was hungry and pulled out an egg salad sandwich. I’ll never forget that. I wish I got a photo or two of it to show you. It fits really well between the seats and doesn’t take up too much room. So now if you want to you know you can do it. He hooked the power from his battery up to it, but the only thing is he has to plug it in when he parks it for more than 12 hours. He’s always driving so that isn’t a problem for him though.

I hope you found this cool and will see you again next time! For another cool read check out this post about using a drone to get groceries!

drone idea

Using a Drone to Go to the Grocery Store

Before I get started I want to stress that this is fantasy! I don’t know if anyone actually flies drones into grocery stores to grab the items they need for dinner but I just want to talk about how awesome that would be.

This could be a reality in the future. Electronics and appliances are evolving fast, after all. Having a drone with a camera, a robotic arm and a way to tap your debit card at the clerk is all you need to fly your drone to the closest grocery store and pick up those onions you need to cook dinner tonight!

Of course, simply getting drone delivery might be more efficient but that would take all the fun out. In real life people might freak out of they see a drone flying around in the aisles of a grocery store, but let them! People like me need excuses to fly drones and this is a great one!

Would you pick up groceries with a drone if you could? Or would you rather stick to the old fashioned way of doing things and drive there yourself. Answering this question might teach you a lot about yourself!

If you’re wondering who I am and how I could think of such a crazy drone idea, click here to read my bio.

the future of technology

Welcome to the Blog About the Future of Appliance Repair Services

It’s amazing to be an appliance repairman in the this changing age of technology and science. Here at Our Future Now we take the potential of our future and talk about it now. Other careers like trucking and auto detailing are changing too and it’s natural for us in this market to worry and be prepared for how our careers as technicians will last for decades to come. As robots get smarter will our jobs disappear, just like all the other industries?

As drones and robots built by scientists find new ways to build home appliances and repair them, we might find ourselves in a future where humans are no longer needed in the market of keeping your kitchen fridge or your basement washing machine in tip top shape.

Then again, we might also find ourselves in a future where robots aren’t able to repair a home appliances quite like a human can and so appliance technicians, their businesses and heirs can look forward to another century or more of need in the world.

Another possibility is that all appliances become extremely disposable and replaceable and it can be not only more economical but environmentally-friendly to have a broken home appliance replaced rather than repaired. Businesses who make a living off repairing broken appliances in cities all around the world should explore all possibilities. If we don’t do it to be ready for what may come then we can choose to do it for mind-candy and entertainment. We might come up with solutions while contemplating these things and I hope you join us here at Our Future Now for a long discussion about what the future of the appliance technician’s career beholds.